St Philomena's Sixth Form - Uniform


Jackets as supplied by our outfitters. Jackets should be worn unless permission is given otherwise.


Regulation skirts, as supplied by our outfitters. Skirts should be no more than 5cm above the knee; students should be able to climb stairs and move about the school without embarrassing others.


Regulation trousers, as supplied by our outfitters.


Any suitable collared blouse or shirt may be worn; colour optional. These must cover the shoulders and stomach and not be revealing or low-cut Material should not be sheer or see through.T-shirts are not acceptable Spaghetti straps are not acceptable. No slogans or logos or pictures.


Shoes should be black, with enclosed heels and toes. They should be appropriate for walking and working in a practical environment. - Smart pumps are acceptable - Heeled shoes should not be more than 2 inches and should be suitable for wear in school. Stilettos are not acceptable. - Flip flops are not acceptable but smart sandals are permitted in summer, as long as they have a strap at the back to hold them securely on the foot. For science and practical lessons, toes must be covered for health and safety reasons. - Boots may be worn only with the trouser option but should be covered by trousers. Trainers (including Converse and Van type), biker boots, Doc Marten-style boots, Ugg-style boots.


A cardigan or V-neck jumper of a coordinating colour and suitable style may be worn discreetly under the jacket in cold weather. These items should not fall below the length of the jacket. Hooded tops are not permitted. Tights Plain black or natural tights are allowed. No patterned tights to be worn. It is a good idea to have a spare pair in case tights ladder during the day.

Overcoats & scarves

Outdoor coats/scarves/gloves/hats/caps should be removed after arriving at the school and stored or carried whilst on site.


We do not permit extremes of fashion in hairstyle. Added hair colours must be subtle. Close shaved heads and patterns cut into hair are not acceptable.


Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery should be discreet. Facial piercings and jewellery or other visible piercings are not permitted, with the exception of one earring in each ear. Tongue piercings should not be worn in school.


Discreet makeup is allowed Belts Plain black only, in keeping with professional office dress. No fashion belts, ie. any colour other than black.


No visible tattoos are permitted