St Philomena's Sixth Form - Code of Conduct

Download and sign the form

  • In choosing to be a student in the Sixth Form at St. Philomena’s, I agree to:
  1. Attend punctually all timetabled lessons, including all morning tutorials, PSHE lessons, core option lessons and enrichment lessons.
  2. Remain on site for all independent study periods and make good use of the time by studying in the Red Room, LRC or quiet study rooms.
  3. Phone or e-mail the school ( by 9.30am on the first day of any absence due to illness, and follow this up with a written absence note signed by a parent/guardian on the first day of return.
  4. Use the Chrome books in the red room for study purposes.
  5. Minimise my absence by not arranging holidays, driving lessons and unavoidable appointments during school time.  Inform my tutor in writing in advance of any planned but unavoidable absence.
  6. Work to the best of my ability to achieve or exceed my target grades, including handing in set work on time.
  7. Act as a positive role model for the younger students, which includes respecting the school’s no smoking policy.
  8. Behave appropriately in and around the school (see school behaviour policy), including not using mobile phones outside of the designated areas.
  9. Follow the Sixth Form Dress Code.
  10. Take responsibility for all my belongings, including mobile phones and laptops which can only be used in Red Room or Green Rooms.
  11. Take care of the environment in the Red and Green Rooms, including not leaving any belongings in there overnight.
  12. Recognise that the privilege of being a Sixth Form Philomenian demands responsibility and commitment, and therefore I will participate as fully as possible in school activities and student leadership opportunities.
  13. I understand that the Catholic nature of the school is an integral part of the 6th Form and will participate fully in the Catholic life of the school, including attendance at whole school Mass and assemblies and weekly general R.E. programme.
  14. I understand that if I did not achieve a C grade in either GCSE English or Maths I will need to commit to attending weekly lessons and resit the GCSE in Year 12.
  15. I understand that in order to progress to A2, a minimum of three grade Ds at AS will be required.
  • To support me in achieving success in the Sixth Form I am entitled to receive:
  1. A programme of courses to be delivered by dedicated, professional teachers, using appropriate facilities and resources.
  2. A variety of additional activities and experiences in addition to academic study, including opportunities for spiritual reflection. 
  3. Careful monitoring of my academic progress, including setting target grades and action plans for improvement with subject staff and my tutor.
  4. Reviews and reports of my progress and opportunities for my parents/guardians to come into school to discuss my progress.
  5. Careers advice and guidance on the routes I wish to follow beyond school, including a written reference for Higher Education or employment.
  • I understand that I am 100% responsible for my success, and that the school staff are 100% responsible for ensuring that my success is possible.