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St Philomena's Sixth Form - Life of a Sixth Former

Dear Prospective Year 12 Students and Parents, 

Welcome to St Philomena’s Sixth Form. My name is Teresa Opara and I am the current Head Girl of St Philomena’s. I am a Year 12 student studying A Levels in History, Government and politics and Theology. In the future I would like to continue my studies in Philosophy and Theology at university.  

As I am all too familiar with the daunting prospect of making decisions regarding your Post-16 study, I would like to share with you my reasons for choosing to study at St Philomena’s and why this Sixth Form not only encourages me to excel in my studies but also engages my desire to pursue my passions.  

I have attended St Philomena’s for the past seven years of my life, and one thing that has become increasingly apparent as I have matured is the positive and welcoming environment the school promotes. Starting a new Sixth Form - whether it be new or old - can be an incredibly anxious period of time, but I can assure you that should you choose our school you will feel welcomed and comfortable from your very first day. A new environment with different teachers and an abundance of students allows for the perfect opportunity to make new friendships or strengthen pre-existing ones. As well as this, the academic journey that you will begin in Year 12 will be focused on three subjects you enjoy. 

Here at St Philomena’s Sixth Form, the staffing body and students alike work together to ensure that each and every one of the students receive equal opportunities and experiences to not only aid their academics, but also bolster their extra curricular activities. Some of these opportunities include: being a part of the Student leadership team, being involved in KS5 sport, peer mentoring a GCSE student, taking part in super-curricular clubs such as Model United Nations and Debate club, joining one of our 11 societies, or even creating a new society! Just last year, three new societies were founded: Songwriting Society,  Mathematics Society and United Christian Society. There truly is something for everyone here at St Philomena’s Sixth form. 

From Year 11 to Sixth Form there is an increased workload and sense of responsibility. You are now more responsible for your own learning, something that will be a brand new experience for most, and St Philomena’s will recognise this. There are multiple facilities to assist your transition to independent study, however the primary facility that you would be using would be the McAuley Suite. The McAuley Suite is where the Sixth Form study is based. There are computers and chromebooks as well as a range of resources to help aid wider reading around your subject. Such resources and support will prove to be invaluable during your journey through the Sixth Form. 

Throughout the course of my secondary school experience, St Philomena’s has been a place that has facilitated both my personal and spiritual growth. I have made countless positive memories that allowed me to feel a unique sense of pride, and I strongly believe that the Sixth Form not only continues to facilitate this sense of pride, but also enables new students to feel happy and welcomed into the school community.   

Whether you have studied at St Philomena’s for a number of years or are a student coming from a different school, I have no doubt that you will be welcomed wholeheartedly into our school community. I can also assure you that you will find the post 18 pathway that best suits you through your Sixth Form experience, whilst also realising where your passions lie. St Philomena’s will ensure that your potential and abilities are maximised so that you are able to exceed your goals and ambitions.

I wish you every success in your approaching GCSE’s and choosing your Post 16 options and destination. 

Yours Faithfully,

Teresa Opara

Head Girl 2021 - 2022