St Philomena's Sixth Form - Introduction to the Sixth Form

I am delighted to welcome you to our dedicated sixth form website at St Philomena’s School.  I would like to share the fantastic experience that we can offer you.  I hope you enjoy browsing on this website to explore what we offer, how we’re different and why you should choose to join our community.

We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience.  The academic achievements have put our school in the top 100 non selective schools in the country.   Academic rigour and success is central to our sixth form, where we aim to provide the opportunities and support to help you reach your full potential.  We encourage you to make the most of your time with us in the sixth form and be prepared for your future – whether this is university, apprenticeships, or employment and beyond.  In the Sixth Form we actively encourage the development of independence and self-discipline, through both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. In this way you will be well prepared for your future pathway

Our vision

Founded by the Daughters of the Cross in 1893 and set in 25 acres of Parkland, St Philomena’s offers an exceptional education for you in the sixth form.  At St Philomena’s school we have a clear, distinctive Catholic ethos that ensures we make sure all of our students achieve and succeed with us.  We have exceptional academic, pastoral and spiritual support for our students and believe “Every human being is created in God’s image and likeness and therefore is valuable and worthy of respect” We hold the firm belief that every sixth form student is precious, every sixth form student is unique and every sixth form student is equally important to us.

Our values

Our values reflect how we set out to achieve our aim, putting students at the heart of all we do. Our three core values are…

  • St Philomena’s has a strong Catholic ethos, a shared vision and common values.
  • St Philomena’s is a single sex school that focuses on delivering high quality pedagogy that is girl centred.
  • St Philomena’s is a comprehensive school; we have a “can-do” philosophy, irrespective of academic ability.


We treat everyone with respect, encourage openness and honesty, and recognise each other’s contribution and achievements.   You will be thoroughly prepared for the roles you will play in the community outside the school.  You will be helped to develop the qualities of personal responsibility and commitment as well as the knowledge and skills to equip you for later life.

We will prepare you for the changes and challenges that the wider world will present in  your adult lives.


I am studying A Level Maths, Chemistry, Spanish and English Literature. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying these subjects at St Philomenas and it has steered my decision to study Chemical Engineering at University. This is a course which will combine my mathematical and scientific skills in order to find new energy efficient, environmentally safe and chemical processes to produce substances on a large scale. I have always had a keen interest in maths and chemistry but it was not until I started my A Levels that I was aware of this career path. Completing the EPQ has also improved my skills that I will need for my career and university, providing me with: research and analytical skills, time management skills and presentational skills. St Philomenas has provided me with so many different and useful resources to help me and guide me on my journey, including engineering society, useful equipment, helpful advice from teachers and so much more. 

Year 13 student


I am currently studying Business Studies, Psychology, Geography and English Literature at AS Level, and plan to study Business Management at university. These subjects are each very complimentary to Business, for example Psychology helps me understand people’s motivations, the Geography syllabus encompasses TNC activity, and English has provided me with strong analytical skills. 

In addition to this, I have developed my interpersonal skills through being a Business Studies prefect and a member of the Business Society. 

Whilst being at St Philomena’s I have also had great opportunities such as taking part in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, a public speaking competition in which I achieved a place at the regional final. This year, I also had the opportunity to take part in a student conference at Mulberry High School entitled ‘The Power of Voice’. 

These activities serve to boost my confidence and demand a creative outlook, whilst enabling me to present myself professionally and meet new people.

Year 12 student


I am an external student from Sri Lanka. Joining St. Philomenas’ has been one of the best part in my schooling career. The school has helped me in numerous ways preparing me, well in advance for my higher education and in planning my future career of becoming a Chartered Accountant. I am currently studying A Level Economics, Maths, English Language and Theology. I enjoy all my studies and plan to do an Accounting and Finance degree at university. Economics and Mathematics has helped me to develop my analytic and numerical skills which are essentials for my career. English Language has improved my level of English literacy; the ability to look at anything from its very inception, whereas Theology has helped me develop a strong work ethic. I have also gained wider responsibilities within the school by becoming a Student leader, Vice President of the Beamers (Business) society, a Eucharistic Minister and also by being a part of the Student Council. All of these roles have given me the opportunity to challenge myself and develop my personality. As my hobby, I enjoy doing photography and it has allowed me to see the bigger picture; a skill that can serve me well in my career. 

Year 13 student